Let's be honest, we all know somebody that deserves to eat our nuts!

What is this?

This is a site where you can ship nuts anonymously to anyone in the world for only $6.99 with a note that says 'Enjoy My Nuts'!

It's Quick & Painless

Just select the nuts you want to send, checkout easily through paypal with your account or credit card, and then we will ship that person who deserves to eat your nuts!

What kinds of nuts do you sell?

We can ship cashews, peanuts, or almonds anonymously to your friends, enemies, in-laws, or anyone else at anytime.

Is this real?

No crap... Have any more questions? Click here to see the FAQ.

Imagine getting a packet of nuts in the mail...

You'd have absolutely no idea where it came from and absolutely no idea why you got it... You would literally say what the hell is this? You would then probably read the note in the package hoping for clarification but all it would say is "enjoy my nuts". It is the perfect prank, gift, or thing to make someone smile after a long week.



"I wish I found your site sooner... I lost my last job because I told my boss to suck my nuts... I could have kept it had I found your site sooner!" --Tim W, Seattle Washington "I got my Co-worker your nuts as a prank... It was so freaking funny, he spent all day accusing people of sending him their nuts!" --Emily E, Manhattan New York

"I sent my long time crush your nuts (secretly). She told me how she got them, and how she had no idea who sent them to her. I told her they were from me and we had a good laugh about it. Now she invited me to get coffee with her so we can get to know each other. If I'm lucky it won't be your nuts she enjoys this time..." --James K, Dallas Texas

"It's like college all over again! Women can enjoy my nuts and not want a relationship the next morning because they won't know they were mine." --Michael R, Indianapolis Indiana

"Nothing is more satisfying than knowing they totally loved eating your nuts..." --Kevin J, San Diego California